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VT-Wax portfolio consists of high melting point and low viscous waxes. Products in the portfolio are produced by refining low polymer derived from HDPE resin producers. Refining process includes several stages in which low volatiles are eliminated from the product and high-quality output is obtained. At present the portfolio comprises from three grades of PE wax which have found their application in many industries. These grades vary not only in technical properties, they are diverse in physical shape as well.

They are mainly used in processing rigid PVC as an external lubricant, giving outstanding anti-sticking properties to PVC. VT-Wax products are also used as important performance additive in Hot Melt Adhesives, providing such properties as increasing softening point and heat resistance, reducing viscosity and enhancing performance of HMA and others. Besides HMA and PVC, they can be used in rubber, ink and coating, masterbatch, wax blends, road marking and other plastics.